What is Radon?2015-11-01 23.38.43

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. You can’t see it, smell it or taste it, but it is in all indoor and outdoor environments. Radon is formed from the radioactive decay of uranium that is naturally present in soil and rock. Outdoor radon concentrations are usually around 10-15 Becquerels per cubic metre of air (Bq/m3), but can be higher in some areas.
Radon can enter buildings at their lowest levels (e.g. in basements, through cracks, gaps, drains and sumps) and the indoor concentration can become elevated. Exposure to elevated radon concentrations increases the lifetime risk of getting lung cancer. Radon is considered to be the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer (after smoking). You can’t predict what the radon concentration is in your home or business based on “radon maps”. Each building/dwelling must be tested.

How can True Grit help?

True Grit Engineering has extensive experience in helping building owners deal with indoor air quality issues, including radon. We also have multiple Certified Radon Measurement Professionals (C-NRPP) available to assist you. You can call or visit True Grit Engineering to purchase a radon test kit. We can assist you with the placement of your kit and interpret your readings. If your home or business has high levels of radon, we can also assist in determining proper mitigation measures.