Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge

Roadway Design, Lot Grading and Drainage Plan for Rubin Industrial Park Development

Engineering – Oliver Paipoonge

As part of a provincial funding program, the Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge (OP) initiated an expansion of the light industrial park located at the corner of Rubin Drive and Oliver Road. True Grit Engineering (TGE) was selected to provide engineering services for the site development of the light industrial park. This project consisted of the following major tasks:

  • Topographical survey and geotechnical investigation
  • Roadway and drainage design
  • Tender specification preparation
  • Construction administration
  • Material testing
  • Utility coordination
  • Roadway adjacent land/lots grading and drainage plan design
  • Legal survey and plans

The project’s challenges included undulating shallow bedrock, drainage and storm water management. In addition, an adjacent Lakehead Region Conservation Authority (LRCA) floodplain required consultation and approval from the LRCA. Project management and coordination with service providers among different assignments were crucial to the delivery of the project in a timely manner.

TGE carried out an initial detailed survey and geotechnical investigation of the proposed site area. The survey results gave a depiction of the topographical features of the site and the geotechnical drilling revealed valuable subsurface information for the site. Subsequently, TGE prepared design criteria and a conceptual plan showing existing contours and all natural existing drainage courses, roadway ditching, and details of grading (direction and slope) for each lot. In addition, design features for roadway construction and lot drainage were also provided.

After obtaining client approval, TGE completed a tender package including all front end documentation and project specifications based on the design criteria and Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications (OPSS).

During the construction phase of this project, TGE’s construction management team consisting of professional engineers, technologists, surveyors, and material testing technicians, were on site to control all aspects of the project including quality control compliance and workmanship, accountability, quantity verification, and documentation related to acceptance and payment of the work. In addition to inspection and contract administration services, TGE’s CCIL and CSA-Certified Construction Materials Laboratory also provided material testing services for the project.